Sunday, 12 September 2010

Let’s get ready to RUUUMMMBBBLLLE .......

"Look ...If you had ... one shot ... or one opportunity .... to seize everything you ever wanted ... would you capture it ... or just let it slip?".... For all you Eminem fans out there ..... "there’s vomit on my sweater already!". (If you know nothing of this song best to click on the link - otherwise the following will be even weirder than it is intended to be)

I've done this before - over estimated in my squidgy brain the importance of an event then magnifying it further through song lyrics. You eventually realise that you've got carried away and that no one else is really all that excited about it. When I occasionally ponder on it, usually in retrospect, this trait really makes me cringe .... a lot. But here I go again ... getting overly dramatic with Eminem by my side ... because the count down is on to the Wiltshire Horn Show and Sale at Stoneleigh .... 5.5 days, one shot. Yes, just to confirm - I am applying lyrics written about rapping, abject poverty and social exclusion to sheep!

Not having people laugh at my stock may not be all I ever wanted but it’s in my top five in the life wish list (such an elevated position suggests the term “life” is used in its loosest sense). This sale though is the equivalent of a crystal clear mirror being held up to your stockmanship ... so in many ways it is “everything”, it is pride itself.

Two years ago I won the shearling ewe section - Steven Wonder, the guest judge from Detroit was quite impressed. This will be my second attempt to sell at the sale, and this time its serious! I am bringing the daddy sheep down this time and humiliation is more likely than jubilation. I haven’t fed them anything, all they know is grass and clover. The fear, as a result, is they will be like Dr Evil’s Mini-Me and only come up to the knees of their competitors.

Below is one of the Shearling Rams that is going - Furb; looking out over the Firth of Forth .... FYI before the non-farmers ask .... no, that's not a pillow case hanging from his under carriage :

Next is Elvis. A Two Shear and my favourite. He is normally not this small, he is just very far away! He must have had a suspicious mind today ... I could go on for a while squeezing out Elvis song titles related to the situation but have managed to control myself:

Am I ready to "drop bombs"? I will report back after the event ... ("snap back to reality") ... between my fits of tears and valium consumption.

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