Saturday, 2 October 2010

Michael Blanche in Apology Shock ....

“The Blogging Standards and Weirdness Commission has upheld an imaginary complaint against this blog in connection with recent posts.  Their findings found that interminable analysis of the writer’s own navel, obscure references to song lyrics aswell as a blatant and embarrassing desperation for followers, was against the original and defining purpose of this blog.
Furthermore the Commission has ordered the author to “get a grip and stop being a big Jesse” and “that any post must now have some relevance to Nuffield travel or study topic”.  The Commission, in its concluding findings, pointed out that “you have one shot ... one opportunity, you must capture it and not let it slip ..... word!”
In response to the decision, love hunk, Michael Blanche (41) said he was sorry and would not do it again. However some eye witnesses have reported he had his fingers crossed behind his back during his statement.”
The Farming Ladder, or rather lack of it, is a cause. A Nuffield Scholarship is an opportunity.  Furthering the cause through the opportunity is a once in a lifetime shot. From now on ... its serious (well, almost - as I slowly disentangle my fingers).  On Monday, I go to Aberdeen to get my theories on the UK land market totally dismembered by a Professor Emeritus. On Thursday, its to Devon to a Seminar on Tenancies (or rather lack of them) and to see the Amazing Lady of the Ducks and New Entrant - Rona Amiss (NSch).  From this day forward - let’s try and drop some bombs. Let’s try and get some rungs on the Ladder.


julesandtim said...

You want to know about the faming ladder and its lack of rungs? Don’t get me started ---its very complicated of course as are most things in life but being an excellent generalist I will try to be succinct ---(pay attention Mr Blanche)

1)British agriculture is stagnant due to the power retaining antics of OLD farmers who never trust their sons/daughters to have a go at the farm until they pop their clogs, by which time the sons/daughters are too old and knackered to try anything new
2)Land owners are propped up by a system of ‘farmers dole’ (SFP etc) that inflates land price and makes rich men richer

Solution----- Return ownership of land to the state (that’s you and me bud). This doesn’t mean chucking farmers off the land (not yet anyhow) The state then lets the land to farmers, if they don’t make the grade they loose the right to farm it and a new lease holder is sought

And whilst we’re at it lets abolish the Lords, cancel all debt and introduce a maximum wage

Ok, you can go back to Mr Blanches waffle now and it will all seem much safer---

Michael Blanche said...

Dear Angry from Wiltshire, sssshhhh this blog is being monitored by the anti-revolution, anti- marxist, anti-wouldn't-it-be-nice-if.... squad! Any other solutions that don't involve gun powder and a dastardly plot? Hugs, Brother Blanche

Anonymous said...

Oh damn, do we really have to include study topic stuff on our blogs? I'm only just getting the hang of writing, let alone making it relevant to my Nuffield Scholarship.
The "must try harder" comment applies to me too I reckon.
Keep your eyes on
(ooh I can do self-promotion marketing too, that's a new skill!

Anonymous said...

I propose a new law that land has to be owned by people under 60 years of age.
Any old boy/girl who fails to hand over the jewels at that point is given a set of golf clubs and locked in a golf resort (a la Guantanamo) in Portugal while we get on with farming.
(please don't copy and pass on this stuff or my Mum might cry!)