Thursday, 23 September 2010

Dry Your Eyes Mate ....

Well, did I "drop bombs" at the Wiltshire Horn Show and Sale? Eh ..... no! There were no explosions, no red rosettes. I got a yellow one - 3rd in a class of three (... that’s last, isn’t it?). A fifth for a gimmer. Out in the first round in another class.

The sale started bad but was saved by my best two tups going for 460 gns (for Furb - see previous post) and 520 gns (for Elvis) - actually these prices were (I think) the 2nd highest in each class; the 4th and 5th highest in the whole sale - but obviously I much prefer to concentrate on the negative. The final cheque should just about cover the diesel, the chocolate, the crisps, the fizzy drinks, the fry ups and the 6% of the sale proceeds I had to pay my sons - Seamas and Calum - so they would agree to come.

There were highlights - Kevin Beaty’s shepherd’s pie (complete with ostentatious mutton salami, sweet potato combo) at Carlisle on the way down; the Marshall Cook’s hospitality in Leicestershire and the, guilt exorcism-like, satisfaction of repaying Tim White for a fry up he bought me 12 months ago.

Despite the disappointment and the broken dreams, it was an adventure and we laughed as we travelled. Seamas and Calum were probably laughing for different reasons - I mean 6% would make me happy too.

Perhaps I should choose a different song in the build up to next year to get excited to, other than Eminem .... I'm thinking The Animals - "Don't let me be misunderstood" .... good intentions but poor delivery.

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julesandtim said...

I reckon the sheep will have other ideas for a song title---how about 'My generation' by The Who which includes the line ---'i hope i die before i get old'--that sounds distinctly ovine to me