Friday, 13 May 2011

Its a sad, sad situation ....

I confessed back in March 2009 that I wanted to apply for a Nuffield Scholarship. The confession was to a very focused, previous Nuffield Scholar.
“What do you want to study” said the slightly intimidating Nuffield Board member.
“I thought something on grass” replied the very intimidated clueless Michael Blanche
“Yeah?  The interviewers really look for interesting studies ... you need to think again.”
I did think again. I chose to look at the Farming Ladder instead. Yet actually my study has gone full circle.  To climb the Farming Ladder I have to aim to be in the top 5% of producers.  To do that, having a ruminant enterprise, I think I have to move significantly forward in my grassland management.
Hopefully I’m off to France to look at intensive grazing systems including Techno Grazing at the end of June.  In the meantime, I am starting a cell grazing trial and obviously this demands a separate blog devoted my mistakes in this regard.  It is definitely “specialist interest” but if you want to feel more interesting by indulging in just how dull someone else can be try the new grazing blog.
I managed to get some assistance from Rappa Fencing for the trial so I am a bit chuffed with myself ... it will never last!

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