Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dying is Easy, Public Speaking is Hard ...

Despite what the most recent blog posts suggest, I’ve been back in the country for a month ... I’m just really slow at constructing sentences and thinking about words containing more than four letters.  My brain speed seems to be constantly in first in the low ratio gearbox (or whatever that smaller stick next to the bigger stick in my pickup is called).
Imagine then, my discomfort when I had to speak at a Scottish Enterprise Rural Networking Event in Ayr on Tuesday.  Talking out loud has never been a strength of mine.  Putting a lot of words together in the right order over a 30 minute period is hard ... and harder still when 24 people are looking at me with total bewilderment in their eyes and 1 is fast asleep.  Talking in public requires a fast and sharp brain ... no luck there then.
I got a few laughs but not nearly as many as I'd hoped ... I should have brought a snare drum and symbol to communicate what I just said was intended to be amusing.
Embarrassing highlights included: reading out lyrics from a Mylie Cyrus song (the bewilderment factor was raised at least three notches during that error of judgement) and almost crying when I talked about Cambodia ... voice quiver ... dramatic pause ... it was really close.  I talked about emotion a lot, and bared my soul a little ... to the point I expect most of the audience were uncomfortable and thinking I should really go and see Dr Bonkers (the famed Psycho-analyst).
That said there were some things I said that had potential.  It focused me.  Oddly I appreciated so much more of what I had learnt in India and Cambodia during the process of speaking in Ayr.  If I came back from those countries with one word it would be “Innovation” ... although this is neck and neck with “Perspective” and “Sorry”.
I still need a lot of practice in speaking out loud though .... a LOT of practice.


Rona Amiss said...

maybe Dr Straightjacket?

Rona Amiss said...

PS that was a joke! well sort off

Michael Blanche .... bless said...

Dr Bonkers charges reasonable rates ... Dr Straightjacket sounds expensive. I am more financially saavy since Raipur!