Friday, 19 November 2010

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em ....

I see this job in the paper.  £25k p.a. ... 21 hours per week ... really positive and proactive role which could seriously move Scotland’s rural economy forward .... even with me involved.  SRDP applications (my consultancy bread and butter) look as if they will be the equivalent of urinating into a strong south westerly next year; I might have a lot less sheep aswell and then there is always the threat of caravan living again.  All in all, £25k for half a week looks a sensible strategic move.
I apply at the last minute, juggling a SRDP deadline on the same day. 
I get an interview.  We have to do a presentation on one of the many subjects I know nothing about (its a long list). I do some research and even talk to someone about it.
The interview goes well.  They are very nice.  I do however talk about the Rural Leadership course I did in 2009 and describe the moment when we had an American Rural Policy guru giving his opinion on our individual presentations ....  I blurt out that he “touched” me (I might explain this one day).  Fortunately, they obviously don’t assume it was in the physical sense .... phew.
They phone me again.  Lambing and Nuffield commitments are a concern but they seem keen.
Get a call today, offering me the job ...  Back of the Net!! .... We review the terms and conditions ... get to the pay.  “So if its £25,000 pro rata” .... [pause, my end] .... PRO RATA! .... that’s half what I was thinking ... I consider just accepting the job to avoid embarrassment but manage to substitute this by saying “sorry” 34 times in 2 minutes.
Note to self: read the damn advert properly before applying for a job.
It wasn’t THE most embarrassing moment I’ve had to endure in my life ... but its a brand new entry in my top forty.


Rona Amiss said...

So Michael, what do you think you are worth? I have been thinking about the stat that farm managers are paid £45k, while we are lucky if we stay in the black. In these interesting times what is a reasonable wage?
You sold those sheep yet?

Michael Blanche .... bless said...

I am priceless (that could mean I am worth nothing, admittedly). No sheep sold (apart from the really useless ones) .... Never Surrender!!

Caroline said...

Brilliant. I love your blog because it makes my stupidty seem so tame. Thank you ;)

Michael Blanche .... bless said...

Ha ha! I am always more than happy to oblige, Caroline - being stupid is the way forward, I reckon and should be celebrated. Though you do know there are two "i"'s in stupidity .... right?