Monday, 12 July 2010

Sydney State of Mind ......

Spent a long weekend with my brother (Hamish) in Sydney and his wife Susan, my neice and nephew. My brother is my oldest friend but we are both equally useless at keeping in regular contact.

I talked corporate finance with stockbrokers with 8 hours drinking under their belts (my chat was on fire as you can tell - see picture: left to right is Blanchie (Hamish); Blanchie (Bearded - looks good doesn’t it? (cough cough) - and obviously slightly sweaty); Walshie and Clarkie - stockbrokers just add “ie” to the end of a surname it appears. You can see I was using my own personal style to secure financial sector funds.

Saw the best example of meat marketing .. like .... ever .... at Victor Churchill’s butcher shop (yeah, I don’t get out much but see second picture). Hamish beat me at golf and also at the game we play - how long can you go without catching a fish before you give up.

The last night in Australia I sat in a glass fronted restaurant, with the part of my family I see far too seldom, over looking Bondi Beach with a cold beer in hand. Admist the screaming and vomit (Hamish, not neice and nephew... ho ho). I pondered on what had just been these last few weeks as I watched an archetypal symbol of Australia meet the wider world (beach meeting sea - still need to work on those analogies!). As the Tasman stroked Australia it was also stroking the land of the long white cloud and the next day - by the power of Quantas - I’d be meeting New Zealand too. Its the place of worship for many a sheep farmer lets see if I get born again. Thanks Australia and all those I met - you have taught me well!

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