Saturday, 3 July 2010

Broken Hill killed a radio star ....

If we all get 15 minutes of fame in this life I have now officially only got 9 minutes left. Garry Hannigan at Churinga contacted ABC Broken Hill to say a Nuffield Scholar was in town. The next day the Western Division of New South Wales was exposed to a live six minute radio interview with Michael Blanche talking, what can only be described as, “mince”. Ami the interviewer (see picture) was very nice - I hate to think what would have happened if I had had the Australian version of Paxman.

I mentioned “heart” as a key to progression for first generation farmers - I thought this sounded good so I then continued to repeat this over and over again, proving that really I should have engaged another organ (between my ears) to be fully comprehensible. Anyway I have employed the maxim learnt from the Brumbie Runner “Always look forward, if you look back you’ll just trip up”. Still can't help cringing a bit though!

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