Thursday, 24 June 2010


Went on the Nuffield Beef & Sheep tour of the borders recently which was really interesting and met some great people.

The tour was overshadowed with a double dose of embarrassment, however. Having landed a twin room in Kelso I kept my room mate awake until 6am with my snoring (I suspect this affliction will be raised in future posts)....I slept in the car the second night as a tonic to my guilt.

To trump this, on one of the visits I did the vote of thanks. I was getting more laughs than normal and was getting an enormous sense of well being. After my stand up routine I walked away and felt a cool breeze down below .... my flies had been undone throughout and, shall we say, I was “going commando”. I would have laughed too, I suppose, but please world swallow me up!

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