Tuesday, 22 June 2010

By the Power of Qantas .....

With still things on the to-do-list .... undone; with still things to say to people .... unsaid - I’ve packed all my bags and left on a jet plane to the other side of the world. Four kids, a wife, two dogs, two clown fish and a hamster were all accounted for when I left - just hope they’re there when I get back! But this is it - the start of my main Nuffield trip - 3 weeks in Australia; 3 weeks in New Zealand.

The first leg in Oz is to meet up with Chris Ferguson, a 2010 Australian Nuffield Scholar (and first generation farmer) to tour the Outback from Bourke to Wilcannia to Broken Hill (roughly speaking the top left corner of New South Wales). We are meeting first generation farmers all along the way. I doubt Chris has realised that after ten minutes my chat gets a bit dull .... she has 6 days (that’s over 8,000 minutes) in my company - poor, poor girl.

I get the impression that parts of Australia have very few new entrants; but I am excited by the Outback. With its marginal land and tough lifestyle its where first generation guys might have more opportunity.

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