Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 To Do List: Item No 273 - finish this blog ....

I left you last still on my UK road trip.  The legend that is David Sullivan.  Though that post was written in September, the visit was in June.  Having seemed to have bionic blogging powers (strictly measured by quantitative outcomes not qualitative ones obviously), I hit the blog buffers in June and never blogging recovered.  For some reason the drive to write deserted me. Now 3 months after my last post and 6 months after the last recorded incident, I come back to tie the loose ends and move on.
A story has to have a beginning, middle and end. That’s bothered me - if no one else - so I’m going to do three more posts after this, then say a proper goodbye. OK it might be four posts but it will definitely be no more than twenty.
I entered a Farmers Weekly column “contest” in September.  Although I made it to the short list of six, I didn’t make it all the way.  Weirdly, though I was chuffed at this result, it made me lose confidence in writing so apologies for the posts that follow.  I’m just going to grit my teeth, hold my breath and get it over with - feel free to bale out at any time.

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